Introducing Susan's Book Club

I've been searching for the perfect monthly book club for years, one that could send me new science, math, philosophy, and technology books every month. I contacted several publishers, reached out to various existing companies, and nobody seemed to be interested. Finally, earlier this year, after hearing another "no", I decided to start my own monthly book subscription service, and Susan's Book Club was born.  

Here's the idea: every month, I pick six amazing, interesting, and relevant books in the following topics: classics (new and old), computer science and software engineering, philosophy, popular science and technology, physics, and science fiction and fantasy. Subscribers can pick which topic they'd love to subscribe to, and then they'll receive a new book each month. In a nutshell, I tried as best I could to create the kind of book club that I would want to subscribe to!

I've been working with publishers and other book suppliers to get the costs as low as possible. I'm hoping that as the little club gets more members, I can negotiate the prices down even further. I'm not trying to make a bunch of money off of this, just trying to cover the operational costs and create something cool and fun to fill the book subscription gap. 

I'm so happy to see how many subscribers we already have, only a few days after launching at the beginning of February! I'm getting the books for April ready, and the awesome books for March will ship on the first day of March. 

Check it out at if it sounds interesting! Happy reading :)